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  • Wolf:

    Hi John,

    I passed my test today thanks to you. I have had many Driving Instructors, learned the most from you.

    Many Thanks,

  • Annette:

    Thank You so much for everything John, I just passed my test this morning! John is the perfect instructor for nervous drivers as he can work miracles with even the most anxious learner! He has the patience of a saint and I’d recommend him to anyone!

  • Pat:

    Hi John, I passed my test yesterday. Thank you again for all your help.


  • Paul:

    Thanks again for helping me pass my test John. Really appreciate your patience and attention to detail.

    I would highly recommended John to anyone looking to refresh their driving skills and get rid of any bad habits picked up. He was a great help in preparing for the driving test.

  • Claire:

    I passed my test thanks to lessons I took with John. I learned so much and went into the test a lot more confident than I thought I would. John was really kind and very helpful during our lessons and helped me feel confident very quickly. I would highly recommend him for learner drivers.

    Thanks again for everything John.

  • Marie:

    I passed my test second time round after lessons with John. I felt a lot more relaxed and confident than the first time and this was definitely due to John. We had a lot of fun during our lessons and I got rid of some bad habits that John noticed. I would definitely recommend John to anyone who has been driving awhile and is looking to get ready for the test.

  • Stephen:

    Passed my test first time thanks to John. I took a couple of 2 hours sessions and learned a lot with John who was always relaxed and made me feel comfortable. Thanks again for all your help.

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  • 2 hours: €70
  • Car hire for Test plus 1 hour Pre Test: 120

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