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  • Nate:

    John is the best driving instructor I’ve ever had. He is a very patient and kind teacher and incredibly skilled with working with all kinds of drivers including those who are neurodiverse and have a disability. He makes driving fun and teaches you how to drive safely and assertively rather than just pass your test. No short cuts just good teaching! He’ll have you losing your “stinking thinking” about your driving in no time. 10/10 would recommend to anyone.

  • Aidan:

    Went to John in March 2019 as an exceptionally nervous and older driver (36) but I landed in the absolute best of hands with a terrific instructor who could do not enough for me.

    Due to Covid only got around to the test itself in July 2021 but passed on the first occasion thanks to John’s guidance.

    Could not recommend John enough, a gent if there ever was one and a fantastic teacher.

  • Simone:

    John is an absolutely fantastic instructor and I have had many. He is calm, patient and extremely professional. He boosted my confidence as a driver. He uses catchy formulae and sayings that really resonated with me. If you are unsure of what instructor to pick, look no further than John. He is simply the best.

  • Sara:

    Passed my test in first attempt under John’s guidance and his assistance. He was a great teacher and really focused on making me a good driver, not just the shortcuts to passing my test. He is absolutely amazing at explaining situations and ensuring that you understand what he is teaching, and is always smiling! Thanks a million John!

  • Aliona:

    Thank you so much for patience and great help!

    Would highly recommend John! He is best instructor in Cork city ?

  • Mark:

    Passed my test on the first go. John got me ready and I went in there feeling confident knowing I would smash the test. I definitely recommend John as an instructor and would recommend him to anyone looking for an experienced instructor who knows how to best prepare you for the test.

  • Mick:

    Thanks to John for getting me through the test first time in an automatic, and helping to make me feel confident enough to get over my nerves. Would heartily recommend John to anybody wishing to learn. Very patient and understanding, as well as being a good tutor.

  • Stela:

    Thanks John, for everithing!!! I passed my test so fast!!!! Thanks for hard work!!! High recommend!!!

  • Rachel:

    Very good instructor. He has his head screwed on.

  • Dave:

    Was looking for an automatic car, was referred to John. Had failed 4 times in a manual car, passed first time with John in an automatic, besides not able to forget ever the expression “T-Bone Paddies” he is the best teacher I had here in Cork.
    John is cool and calm and he wants to teach you how to drive properly, he is honest and makes you feel very comfortable and at ease, but very aware what you are doing right or wrong and he will let you know in a great manner with a big smile.
    I have already since passing my test this morning given out a copy of his card to 2 other people.
    There should be more teachers like John, Thank you John for your time and effort it payed off, your a starbar all the way!

  • Riadh:

    The best driving instructor in Republic of Ireland is John, flexible in hours, great training and coaching skills. Great teacher with clear English. Folks do not waste your time elsewhere, ezdriving.ie is the right school to learn !!!!!

  • Wolf:

    Hi John,

    I passed my test today thanks to you. I have had many Driving Instructors, learned the most from you.

    Many Thanks,

  • Annette:

    Thank You so much for everything John, I just passed my test this morning! John is the perfect instructor for nervous drivers as he can work miracles with even the most anxious learner! He has the patience of a saint and I’d recommend him to anyone!

  • Pat:

    Hi John, I passed my test yesterday. Thank you again for all your help.


  • Paul:

    Thanks again for helping me pass my test John. Really appreciate your patience and attention to detail.

    I would highly recommended John to anyone looking to refresh their driving skills and get rid of any bad habits picked up. He was a great help in preparing for the driving test.

  • Claire:

    I passed my test thanks to lessons I took with John. I learned so much and went into the test a lot more confident than I thought I would. John was really kind and very helpful during our lessons and helped me feel confident very quickly. I would highly recommend him for learner drivers.

    Thanks again for everything John.

  • Marie:

    I passed my test second time round after lessons with John. I felt a lot more relaxed and confident than the first time and this was definitely due to John. We had a lot of fun during our lessons and I got rid of some bad habits that John noticed. I would definitely recommend John to anyone who has been driving awhile and is looking to get ready for the test.

  • Stephen:

    Passed my test first time thanks to John. I took a couple of 2 hours sessions and learned a lot with John who was always relaxed and made me feel comfortable. Thanks again for all your help.

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